Our team has the resources and vision to provide our client with the right solution, including:

  • Identify critical issues and provide a clear path to the right solution
  • Concept and Scope development
  • Create the project design and equipment specification(s) to meet the project objectives
  • System design and engineering services to meet short and long term goals
  • Detail equipment design – Mechanical and Electrical design and execution
  • Control design and programming architecture for DCS and PLC based systems
  • Structural steel design and steel fabrication services
  • Startup and commissioning services

Other services available to our client:

  • Project funding from a variety of sources
  • Environmental permits, testing, evaluations or permit modifications
  • Non-destructive testing of any components or equipment
  • Mechanical integrity inspections of tanks, equipment or existing piping systems
  • Geotechnical evaluation or testing for soil conditions and bearing capacity
  • Site survey or boundary survey

Complete installation services including:

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Structural steel design
  • Excavation
  • Concrete
  • Steel erection
  • Equipment design
  • Controls
  • Startup
  • Commissioning